Incorporation of Airam products and tools into the DIALux service makes a lighting designer’s work easier

Airam has signed a Dialux Gold Membership agreement with DIAL. Lighting designers can now find Airam’s professional luminaires directly from the DIALux software. This makes designers’ work easier as we can now offer more comprehensive tools for lighting calculations and a new product search to make choosing the optimal solution quicker.

production dialux plan for Airam lighting

DIALux is undoubtedly the market’s leading lighting calculation and simulation program. Now this program also contains comprehensive information on Airam luminaires, available for use at any time. In addition to English, the software supports Finnish and Swedish.

DIALux offers calculation files complete with product information

The primary benefit of the collaboration with DIALux is that Airam luminaires are now easier to find for project plans. In practice, this improvement covers Airam’s entire PRO range, which consists of luminaires with an integrated LED for professional use. 

Henry Huittinen, a lighting specialist on Airam’s project sales team, explains the benefits of the collaboration for designers: ‘Searching and selecting luminaires is easy via the DIALux software’s product search function. Products can be found directly from the hierarchy or via a search on the basis of the mounting method or other, freely chosen criteria.’ Huittinen adds: 

‘In addition to reports, comprehensive product information can be included in the lighting calculations. Choosing the correct luminaire model and comparing alternatives is easy, and light distribution files for all the luminaires required for the project can be selected and downloaded at the same time.’ 


The collaboration also brings benefits to Airam’s website

As a result of the collaboration with DIALux, Airam’s website now offers new light distribution files and better tools. In addition to luminaire dimensions and technical data, the new ULD light distribution files contain an image of the luminaire, an introductory text, a possible 3D model and other important information. 

A product-specific quick calculation tool will be added to Airam’s website later to enable the modelling of individual spaces directly on the website.

Lighting measurements guide towards the ideal luminaire choices

Airam project lighting team often helps customers in their projects by performing lighting measurements and application-specific DIALux calculations at the project’s design stage. Project-specific calculations help determine the amount of light required in the space to ensure sufficient illumination levels and compliance with standards. 

Airam project lighting team is more than happy to help customers with any problems and to find solutions for them. From Airam’s extensive range, they can find solutions that meet the designer’s needs and fulfil the requirements set by the contractor for the power, lifespan and mounting methods. When necessary, Airam can modify a smart lighting control solution for the luminaires or the luminaires can be tailored with the help of accessories, such as mounting frames, wire sets or connecting cables.

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Tervakosken liikuntahalli

At Tervakoski’s Delfort Areena , Granlund Häme performed the DIALux measurements in the sports hall, the gym and the gymnastics room for different levels of lighting power. It is now easy to adjust the Sport luminaires mounted on the centre’s ceiling from dim to full lighting efficacy via the two lighting level settings pre-programmed with Casambi. 

Hämeenlinna Main Library

In the renovation of Hämeenlinna Main Library, DIALux calculations were carried out to determine the amount of light required in the space to ensure sufficient illumination levels and compliance with standards. Luminaires were positioned so that the lighting level was 500 lux on the top shelf, with the minimum requirement being 200 lux on the bottom shelf, as measured from the spine of a book,’ says Aki Rintala from Granlund, explaining the specific challenges posed by a library setting.

Posti’s mail sorting centre

At the entrance gate of Postal mail service's Logistics Center, a camera reads a vehicle’s registration plate and the system guides the vehicle to the correct platform with the help of digital identifiers. Lighting measurements conducted by Airam indicated that lighting levels higher than the standard were required for the identification of the plates. On the basis of DIALux calculations, Flood floodlights in three power classes were selected for the areas outside the logistics centre.

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Kalevalakorun tuotantotilojen valaistus

At the Kalevala jewellery company’s production spaces (link), the required lighting levels were determined by Kalle Houtbeckers from Airam using DIALux calculations. Covering various production premises, storage spaces and office and workplace welfare facilities, the project was challenging. It was particularly important to achieve a colour temperature similar to daylight for the production spaces to ensure that the jewellery could be viewed in conditions corresponding to those in which customers would later see them.

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