Easy Connect



Easy Connect is a series of outdoor luminaires for highlighting the details on terraces, balconies, and gardens. No electrician is needed: all connectors and leads can be easily joined together by hands. Leads can be hidden among plants, under gravel or terrace boards - so no digging of the garden is needed. Burying the leads into the ground requires suitable protectors/ducts. Adaptability of the series enables later extension of the lighting, up to 3600 W.

1. Choose the luminaires for the targets to be lit.
• Spotlights can highlight beautiful features in a garden such as trees, shrubs or other surfaces.
• Terrace lights are good for delineating wooden terraces or as staircase lighting.
• Stone lights are good for decorating terraces or plants.
• Globe and bollard lights can create an impressive atmosphere in a garden.

2. Add an intermediate cord and the required control unit.
• The electric lead can be put in an earthed socket.
• The control unit can control the lighting wirelessly or a motion sensor can be connected.

3. Add connectors and intermediate cords between the luminaires.
Watch a video about Easy Connect lighting or download the ECdesigner program at https://seb485.wixsite.com/easy-connect-attente/nos-documents?lang=en. With the ECdesigner program, you can design a set up for your garden using an image of your garden, and you can conveniently print out a shopping list of what you want to buy.

  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Colour temperature 3000
  • CRI 80-89


Product name Product number Weight Sales unit GTIN1
6 MINI LAMP Ø4,5CM 0,8W/830 DIM 65406 0.064 6/24 3700298516876 Product card
3 MEDIUM LAMP Ø6CM 1,2W/830 DIM 65426 0.085 6/24 3700298515398 Product card
ROUND LIGHT Ø7,5CM 2W/830 150LM DIM 65436 0.116 12/48 3700298513936 Product card
ROUND LIGHT Ø9,5CM 3W/830 DIM 65456 0.19 8/32 3700298516210 Product card
LED LIGHT 10X6CM 2W/830 DIM 65446 0.134 8/32 3700298513974 Product card
ROUND LIGHT EMBED Ø11CM 4W/830 DIM 65476 0.4 3700298515404 Product card