Kappa is a rectangular luminaire with an aluminium body for indoor and outdoor use. It is coated with a polyester paint that is highly resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. The screws are made of stainless steel. Available with a fixed LED and E27 base.

  • Colour temperature 3000-4000
  • Mounting SURFACE MOUNT


Product name Product number Dimensions Luminous flux Code
KAPPA 9W/830 ANT 4507452 160x85x250 710 B5KAAD Product card
KAPPA 9W/830 SI 4507451 160x85x250 710 B5KAAC Product card
KAPPA 9W/830 BK 4507450 160x85x250 710 B5KAAB Product card
KAPPA 9W/830 WH 4507449 160x85x250 710 B5KAAA Product card
KAPPA 9W/830 CO 4512273 160x85x250 710 B5KAAO Product card
KAPPA 9W/840 ANT 4509966 160x85x250 740 B5KAAJ LDT Product card
KAPPA 9W/840 SI 4509965 160x85x250 740 B5KAAH LDT Product card
KAPPA 9W/840 BK 4509964 160x85x250 740 B5KAAG LDT Product card
KAPPA 9W/840 WH 4509963 160x85x250 740 B5KAAF LDT Product card
KAPPA 9W/840 CO 4512274 160x85x250 740 B5KAAP LDT Product card
KAPPA E27 60W ANT 4509984 160x85x250 B5KAAN Product card
KAPPA E27 60W SI 4509969 160x85x250 B5KAAM Product card
KAPPA E27 60W BK 4509968 160x85x250 B5KAAL Product card
KAPPA E27 60W WH 4509967 160x85x250 B5KAAK Product card
KAPPA E27 60W CO 4512275 160x85x250 B5KAAR Product card
KAPPA V 9W/830 ANT 4507456 160x90x250 500 B5KABD Product card
KAPPA V 9W/830 SI 4507455 160x90x250 500 B5KABC Product card
KAPPA V 9W/830 BK 4507454 160x90x250 500 B5KABB Product card
KAPPA V 9W/830 WH 4507453 160x90x250 500 B5KABA Product card
KAPPA V 9W/830 CO 4512270 160x90x250 500 B5KABM Product card
KAPPA V 9W/840 ANT 4509988 160x90x250 520 B5KABH Product card
KAPPA V 9W/840 SI 4509987 160x90x250 520 B5KABG Product card
KAPPA V 9W/840 BK 4509986 160x90x250 520 B5KABF Product card
KAPPA V 9W/840 WH 4509985 160x90x250 520 B5KABE Product card
KAPPA V 9W/840 CO 4512271 160x90x250 520 B5KABN Product card
KAPPA V E27 60W ANT 4509992 160x90x250 B5KABL Product card
KAPPA V E27 60W SI 4509991 160x90x250 B5KABK Product card
KAPPA V E27 60W BK 4509990 160x90x250 B5KABJ Product card
KAPPA V E27 60W WH 4509989 160x90x250 B5KABI Product card
KAPPA V E27 60W CO 4512272 160x90x250 B5KABO Product card
KAPPA P 9W/830 ANT 4507460 250x90x160 510 B5KACD Product card
KAPPA P 9W/830 SI 4507459 250x90x160 510 B5KACC Product card
KAPPA P 9W/830 BK 4507458 250x90x160 510 B5KACB Product card
KAPPA P 9W/830 WH 4507457 250x90x160 510 B5KACA Product card
KAPPA P 9W/830 CO 4512267 250x90x160 510 B5KACM Product card
KAPPA P 9W/840 ANT 4509996 250x90x160 530 B5KACH Product card
KAPPA P 9W/840 SI 4509995 250x90x160 530 B5KACG Product card
KAPPA P 9W/840 BK 4509994 250x90x160 530 B5KACF Product card
KAPPA P 9W/840 WH 4509993 250x90x160 530 B5KACE Product card
KAPPA P 9W/840 CO 4512268 250x90x160 530 B5KACN Product card
KAPPA P E27 60W ANT 4507200 250x90x160 B5KACL Product card
KAPPA P E27 60W SI 4509999 250x90x160 B5KACK Product card
KAPPA P E27 60W BK 4509998 250x90x160 B5KACJ Product card
KAPPA P E27 60W WH 4509997 250x90x160 B5KACI Product card
KAPPA P E27 60W CO 4512269 250x90x160 B5KACO Product card