Lem Round

A luminaire for indoor and outdoor use. The range includes two versions: the basic Lem Round model and Lem Round I with an anti-glare shield that directs the beam. Surface mounting on a ceiling or wall. Available with an integrated LED and in two different colour temperatures. The luminaire is also available with an E27 base, light sources only available via separate order. The luminaire housing is coated with polyester paint that is resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. The screws are made of stainless steel.

Aluminium housing and glass diffuser.
Colour options: anthracite, silver, black and white. Opal diffuser.
Protection class I.
Surface mounting, linkable, 3 × 2.5 mm2.
Installation height: 0.5–4 m.
Integrated LED: 13.5 W, 820–960 lm.
E27 max. 60W, via special order.
Colour temperatures of the integrated LEDs: 3,000 K and 4,000 K, CRI>80.
Control: On/off.
Ambient temperature range: –25 °C to +35 °C
Rated lifetime: L70 50,000 h (Ta 25 °C).
Power source service life: 50,000 h.
AN = anthracite, HO = silver, MU = black, VA = white.

Corten available by special order.

  • Colour temperature 3000-4000
  • Mounting SURFACE MOUNT


Product name Product number Dimensions Luminous flux Code
LEM ROUND 13.5W/830 AN 4512284 270x95x270 920 B5LRER Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/830 SI 4512285 270x95x270 920 B5LREP Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/830 BK 4512286 270x95x270 920 B5LREO Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/830 WH 4512287 270x95x270 920 B5LREN Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/840 AN 4512288 270x95x270 960 B5LREM Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/840 SI 4512289 270x95x270 960 B5LREL Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/840 BK 4512290 270x95x270 960 B5LREK Product card
LEM ROUND 13.5W/840 WH 4512291 270x95x270 960 B5LREJ Product card
LEM ROUND E27 100W ANT 4508513 200x95x270 B5LREH Product card
LEM ROUND E27 100W SI 4508512 200x95x270 B5LREG Product card
LEM ROUND E27 100W BK 4508511 200x95x270 B5LREF Product card
LEM ROUND E27 100W WH 4508510 200x95x270 B5LREE Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/830 AN 4512276 270x100x270 820 B5LRFR Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/830 SI 4512277 270x100x270 820 B5LRFP Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/830 BK 4512278 270x100x270 820 B5LRFO Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/830 WH 4512279 270x100x270 820 B5LRFN Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/840 AN 4512280 270x100x270 855 B5LRFM Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/840 SI 4512281 270x100x270 855 B5LRFL Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/840 BK 4512282 270x100x270 855 B5LRFK Product card
LEM ROUND I 13.5W/840 WH 4512283 270x100x270 855 B5LRFJ Product card
LEM ROUND I E27 100W ANT 4508517 200x100x270 B5LRFH Product card
LEM ROUND I E27 100W SI 4508516 200x100x270 B5LRFG Product card
LEM ROUND I E27 100W BK 4508515 200x100x270 B5LRFF Product card
LEM ROUND I E27 100W WH 4508514 200x100x270 B5LRFE Product card