ARES 20W/840 AN


Ares is a bollard luminaire with an aluminium body for outdoor use. It is coated with a polyester paint that is highly resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. The screws are made of stainless steel. Available with a fixed LED and E27 base.

  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Colour temperature 4000
  • CRI 80-89
  • Coupling 3X2,5MM2
  • Control Non-Dimmable


Product name Product number Dimensions Luminous flux Code
ARES 20W/830 AN 4510274 150x1100x150 375 B5ARBD Product card
ARES 20W/830 SI 4510275 150x1100x150 375 B5ARBC Product card
ARES 20W/830 BK 4510276 150x1100x150 375 B5ARBB Product card
ARES 20W/830 WH 4510277 150x1100x150 375 B5ARBA Product card
ARES 20W/830 CO 4510278 150x1100x150 375 B5ARBE Product card
ARES 20W/840 AN 4513115 150x1100x150 390 B5ARDD Product card
ARES 20W/840 SI 4513116 150x1100x150 390 B5ARDC Product card
ARES 20W/840 BK 4513117 150x1100x150 390 B5ARDB Product card
ARES 20W/840 WH 4513118 150x1100x150 390 B5ARDA Product card
ARES 20W/840 CO 4510273 150x1100x150 390 B5ARAY Product card
ARES E27 100W ANT 4508482 150x1100x150 B5ARAV Product card
ARES E27 100W SI 4508481 150x1100x150 B5ARAU Product card
ARES E27 100W BK 4508480 150x1100x150 B5ARAT Product card
ARES E27 100W WH 4508479 150x1100x150 B5ARAS Product card
ARES E27 100W CO 4510272 150x1100x150 B5ARAX Product card