Our popular worktop luminaire range Airam Handy is designed for illuminating work areas in kitchens and utility rooms. Before mounting, the LED lamp’s colour temperature is selected via a mechanism within the luminaire frame. The options are 3,000 K (pure white) and 4,000 K (bright white). The luminaire is available with four length and four power options. Handy luminaires can be mounted flush against the surface or at an angle of 45°. Read more about our Handy luminaires with an earthed double socket and an on/off switch for luminaire-specific control of lighting.

Aluminium body and polycarbonate diffuser.
Power, luminous flux, and length options:
LED 5 W, 500 lm / 450 mm
LED 8 W, 800 lm / 550 mm
LED 11 W, 1,200 lm / 750 mm
LED 14 W, 1,500 lm / 1,100 mm
The LED lamp’s colour temperature (3,000 K or 4,000 K, CRI>80) is selected before installation.
LED modules are available as spare parts. If the module suffers a fault, a qualified electrician can replace it easily. The LED module is fixed in place in the diffuser with bayonet mounting.
The handedness of the socket can be changed, making the luminaire suitable for left- and right-handed installation.
Surface mounting, linkable, 4 x 2.5 mm² (luminaires with sockets) or 3 x 2.5 mm² (luminaires without sockets).
Protection rating IP21.
Ambient temperature range of 5 to 35 °C / L70B50 40,000 h.

  • Colour White
  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Colour temperature 3000
  • CRI 80-89
  • Mounting SURFACE MOUNT
  • Control Non-Dimmable


Product name Product number Colour Luminous flux Code
HANDY 450 IP21 5W/830C DSO WH 4107100 White 500 A1TRBM LDT Product card
HANDY 550 IP21 8W/830C DSO WH 4107101 White 800 A1TRBN LDT Product card
HANDY 750 IP21 11W/830C DSO WH 4107103 White 1200 A1TRBO LDT Product card
HANDY 1100 IP21 14W/830C DSO WH 4107112 White 1500 A1TRBP LDT Product card
HANDY 450 IP21 5W/830C 500LM WH 4126293 White 500 A1TRBI LDT Product card
HANDY 550 IP21 8W/830C 800LM WH 4126294 White 800 A1TRBJ LDT Product card
HANDY 750 IP21 11W/830C 1200LM WH 4126295 White 1200 A1TRBK LDT Product card
HANDY 1100 IP21 14W/830C 1500LM WH 4126296 White 1500 A1TRBL LDT Product card