Sono III

Sono III IP54 is a high-quality surface-mounted protection class II luminaire for ceilings or walls of such premises, where the light is frequently switched on and off. As protected against vandalism (level IK10), the luminaire suits perfectly for stairways, corridors, shelters and building facades. The ring-shaped placement of the LEDs makes the installation particularly fast. The luminaire is ideal for cold premises (up to -30 °C). Number of on/off switching cycles is up to 100,000. Installation height: 2 to 6 meters. The luminaire is equipped with a spring terminal block (basic models 3 x 2.5 mm2, PIR/Radar models 4 x 2.5 mm2) and can be chained.

The luminaire is made of polycarbonate, and its body colour is white.
The colour temperature is 3500K.
The fixed 15W / 1200 lm or 21W / 1800 lm LEDs give even and extensive light distribution.
Sono III series includes On/Off, Radar 10-100, PIR and Radar models.
The PIR and Radar models feature a master-slave function, in which up to three Sono III luminaires can be connected as slaves to the master-slave unit.
The radar version features a 5.8GHz microwave sensor.
Operating environment temperature is -30 to 40 °C.
Rated life time L70 at 25 °C is 50 000 h.
PIR model's rated life time L70 35 000 h (Ta25°C).
Power supply’s lifetime is 50 000 hours with 10% failure ratio.

Installation video:

  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Power 15-21
  • Colour temperature 3500
  • CRI 80-89
  • Mounting SURFACE MOUNT


Product name Product number Luminous flux Code
Sono IP54 15W/835 PCO WH 4116462 1240 A1SOKA LDT Product card
Sono IP54 15W/835 RA/MS PCO WH 4116465 1240 A1SOKD LDT Product card
Sono IP54 15W/835 RA/10-100 PCO WH 4116464 1240 A1SOKC LDT Product card
Sono IP54 15W/835 PIR/MS PCO WH 4116463 1240 A1SOKB LDT Product card
Sono IP54 21W/835 PCO WH 4126204 1800 A1SODE LDT Product card
Sono IP54 21W/835 RA MS PCO WH 4126213 1800 A1SODF LDT Product card