A convertible LED profile set. Assemble according to your needs. Different lengths and powers and two different colour temperatures are available. Join the profiles together or combine with connecting pieces and intermediate cords. Up to 5 m light with an 80 W LED transformer! Can be placed e.g. under cupboards. Drip-proof. The unique construction enables unbroken light even at joints. Fasten the Linear arrangement with the fasteners included in a 45° angle or directly to the surface. On/off push-button switch, motion detector or dimmer switch available. 24V transformers 20W, 40W or 80W.

Luminous flux alternatives:
LED 2.5 W 200 lm
LED 5 W 400 lm
LED 9 W 700 lm
LED 15 W 1,100 lm
Colour temperature alternatives: 3,000 K and 4,000 K.
Enclosure class IP21
Linear profiles’ max. lengths with DC 24V LED transformers:
40 W: max 2.3 m 35 W
60 W: max 3.6 m 55 W
80 W: max 5 m 75 W
Ambient temperature: +5…+35 °C/ L70B50 40,000 h