DM4 S 8W/840 AN


The clean-lined DM4 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for example, in terraced and detached houses. The range includes three models: DM4 Single reflects light in one direction, while DM4 Double and DM4 Double NW reflect light in two directions. In the NW model, one of the beams is narrow. The luminaires come with an integrated LED. High-quality surface treatment, stainless steel screws. Read more about the matching DM4 Stelo bollard luminaires.

Aluminium housing and glass diffuser.
Colour options: anthracite, silver, black and white. Clear diffuser.
Protection class I.
Surface mounting on the wall, linkable, 3 × 2.5 mm2.
Installation height: 0.5–4 m.
Integrated LED: 8–16 W, 805–1,680 lm.
Colour temperatures: 3,000 K and 4,000 K, CRI>80.
Control: On/off.
Ambient temperature range: –25 °C to +35 °C
Rated lifetime: L70 50,000 h (Ta 25 °C).
Power source service life: 50,000 h.
AN = anthracite, HO = silver, MU = black, VA = white.

Corten available by special order.

  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Colour temperature 4000
  • CRI 80-89
  • Mounting SURFACE MOUNT
  • Control Non-Dimmable


Product name Product number Dimensions Luminous flux Code
DM4 S 8W/830 AN 4511688 130x165x130 805 B5DMFD Product card
DM4 S 8W/830 SI 4511689 130x165x130 805 B5DMFC Product card
DM4 S 8W/830 BK 4511690 130x165x130 805 B5DMFB Product card
DM4 S 8W/830 WH 4511691 130x165x130 805 B5DMFA Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 AN 4511696 130x165x130 840 B5DMHD LDT Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 SI 4511697 130x165x130 840 B5DMHC LDT Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 BK 4511698 130x165x130 840 B5DMHB LDT Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 WH 4511699 130x165x130 840 B5DMHA LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 AN 4511684 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGD Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 SI 4511685 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGC Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 BK 4511686 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGB Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 WH 4511687 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGA Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 AN 4511692 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJD LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 SI 4511693 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJC LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 BK 4511694 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJB LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 WH 4511695 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJA LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 AN 4511676 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKD Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 SI 4511677 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKC Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 BK 4511678 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKB Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 WH 4511679 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKA Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 AN 4511680 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLD LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 SI 4511681 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLC LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 BK 4511682 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLB LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 WH 4511683 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLA LDT Product card