DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 AN


DM4 is a wall luminaire with an aluminium body for indoor and outdoor use. The Single model shines light up or down, the Double model up and down. It is coated with a polyester paint that is highly resistant to corrosion and UV radiation. The screws are made of stainless steel.

  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Colour temperature 4000
  • CRI 80-89
  • Mounting SURFACE MOUNT
  • Control Non-Dimmable


Product name Product number Dimensions Luminous flux Code
DM4 S 8W/830 AN 4511688 130x165x130 805 B5DMFD Product card
DM4 S 8W/830 SI 4511689 130x165x130 805 B5DMFC Product card
DM4 S 8W/830 BK 4511690 130x165x130 805 B5DMFB Product card
DM4 S 8W/830 WH 4511691 130x165x130 805 B5DMFA Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 AN 4511696 130x165x130 840 B5DMHD LDT Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 SI 4511697 130x165x130 840 B5DMHC LDT Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 BK 4511698 130x165x130 840 B5DMHB LDT Product card
DM4 S 8W/840 WH 4511699 130x165x130 840 B5DMHA LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 AN 4511684 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGD Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 SI 4511685 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGC Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 BK 4511686 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGB Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/830 WH 4511687 130x165x130 1610 B5DMGA Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 AN 4511692 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJD LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 SI 4511693 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJC LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 BK 4511694 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJB LDT Product card
DM4 D 2X8W/840 WH 4511695 130x165x130 1680 B5DMJA LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 AN 4511676 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKD Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 SI 4511677 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKC Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 BK 4511678 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKB Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/830 WH 4511679 130x165x130 1610 B5DMKA Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 AN 4511680 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLD LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 SI 4511681 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLC LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 BK 4511682 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLB LDT Product card
DM4 D NW 2X8W/840 WH 4511683 130x165x130 1680 B5DMLA LDT Product card