Led Body

A luminaire designed for LED tubes that correspond to T8 fluorescent tubes. The cost-efficient LED Body basic model is ideal for warehouses and industrial facilities. Good impact-resistance. Suitable for surface mounting, 5 × 2.5 mm2 -o-. Installation height: 2–5 m. Read also about our robust LED Body ABS model and range of LED tubes.

Polycarbonate body and diffuser, stainless steel latches in some models.
Grey, clear diffuser.
Protection class I.
Max. 1/2 × 20/30 W.
Control: On/off.
Ambient temperature range: –30 °C to 40 °C.

  • Lamp type LED exchangeable
  • Control Non-Dimmable
Product name Product number Dimensions Code
LED BODY IP66 2X1200 PC 4310528 1272x111x145 T3MREB Product card
LED BODY IP66 2X1500 PC 4310529 1572x111x145 T3MRFB Product card
LED BODY IP66 2X1200 PC/RS/LJ 4310131 1272x111x145 T3MREA Product card
LED BODY IP66 2X1500 PC/RS/LJ 4310132 1572x111x145 T3MRFA Product card
LED BODY IP66 1X1200 PC/RS/LJ 4310128 1272x111x95 T3MRBA Product card
LED BODY IP66 1X1500 PC/RS/LJ 4310129 1572x111x95 T3MRCA Product card