Orbit is an extremely versatile general lighting solution, thanks to its integrated adjustment system for luminous flux and colour temperature. Available with four light output and two colour temperature options and as a radar version, this range offers a solution for most lighting applications. These impact-resistant luminaires can be mounted on the wall and the ceiling in offices, lobbies, hallways, toilets, shower rooms, utility rooms and staircases, and they are also suitable for outdoor use. The diffuser’s bayonet fitting enables quick installation. The luminaire can be installed directly on a junction box. The installation height is 2–6 m.

Polycarbonate body and diffuser.
Protection class II.
Mounting on a wall or ceiling, bayonet fitting.
Installation height: 2–6 m.
Colour temperature can be chosen (3,000 K or 4,000 K).
Fixed LED, luminous flux can be changed: 600 lm / 800 lm / 1,000 lm and 1,200 lm. Input power max. 13 W.
The range includes On/Off and radar models.
The radar version has a 5.8 GHz microwave sensor.
Ambient temperature range: 0 °C to +35 °C.
L70 50,000 h (Ta35°C).

  • Lamp type LED not exchangeable
  • Power 13
  • Colour temperature 3000
  • CRI 80-89
  • Control Non-Dimmable


Product name Product number Luminous flux
ORBIT 13W IP44 830/840 9610175 1000 LDT Product card
ORBIT 13W IP44 830/840 RA 9610176 1000 LDT Product card