Airam luminares for Professionals 2023

Lighting Fixtures for residential building, indoor and outdoor, as well as public and commercial premises.

New lamps and luminaires 2022

Find new Airam luminaires for private and public premises. Airam’s selection of LED lamps for Professionals has a suitable bulb for every application and type of luminaire.

Lamp catalog 2022

Airam's lamp brochure 2022 brings together both the current range and the new products that will go on sale this year.

Airam Smart home products 2022

The Airam SmartHome makes it possible to experience the benefits of smart lighting and intelligent security products without major renovations. Connect your devices to your home WiFi network and control the Airam SmartHome products with the Airam SmartHome app. Enjoy your home more.

Decorative Lights 2021

A Multilingual catalog of the Airam Decorative Lights season 2021. Enjoy and be inspired!