Responsible supply chain

Responsible supply chain

We develop the sustainability of our supply chain working together with long-term subcontractors and partners and guided by the following principles, actions and targets:

  • We monitor the ethics, human rights and environmental impact of production in high-risk countries through amfori BSCI audits.
  • We demand energy efficiency from production processes. 
  • We recognise the challenges in identifying the origin of raw materials and the long supply chains that are typical for electronic products. We have started the work regarding conflict-minerals.
  • We comply with RoHS and REACH regulations to minimise the use of hazardous substances.
  • We pay attention to environmental impacts when tendering for production and logistics services.
  • In our marketing and sales processes, we focus on data accuracy, smooth handling of reclamations and service development.

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Many sustainability issues important to Airam extend beyond our own walls. Our products are manufactured in Finland, Europe and Asia. Procurement chains down to raw materials extend even further. We recognize the challenges associated with long supply chains, such as the difficulties of traceability and the limited actual opportunities to influence the origin, production conditions or environmental effects of the rare raw materials needed in electrical and electronic equipment.

Contract terms

However, we have started to work with our suppliers to ensure and develop the sustainability of our supply chain. We only work with partners that are committed to ethical, people- and environment-friendly activities. We require that our suppliers commit to amfori’s Code of Conduct, comply with national and EU chemical legislation and avoid the use of conflict minerals from risk areas. 

Supplier audits

We strive for long-term partnerships in order to develop both quality and sustainability together with our suppliers. We monitor the responsibility of our supply chain with third-party amfori BSCI audits. We also carry out factory visits ourselves and keep close contact with our suppliers. 

Due diligence process

During 2024, we are setting up a new due diligence process. As part of this work, we map the human rights and environmental risks in our supply chain.

Supply chain

supply chain 2023

Customer-centric product development 

Our product development is based on designing high-quality, safe, easy-to-install, energy-efficient, long-lasting products that comply with all the applicable laws and standards and meet customer needs.

Raw materials 

In our choice of raw materials, we comply with applicable legislation to ensure that our products are safe for the environment and human health. Our suppliers are committed not to use conflict minerals from risk areas. 

Product manufacturing 

Our own production complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. We use 100% renewable electricity at our factory in Lahti.

Through amfori BSCI audits, we ensure that our products are manufactured under appropriate working conditions that are not harmful to the environment and that workers are paid at least the local minimum wage, are treated equally and that no child or forced labor is used.


We aim to optimise transportation. We favour low-emission modes of transport.


We take care of the safety, well-being and work satisfaction of our employees. Our occupational health and safety system complies with the ISO 45001 standard. When possible, we reuse packaging materials or pass them on to be recycled.

Quality assurance

We work closely with our suppliers and laboratories to ensure that every product is tested and approved before it is launched on the market. Our quality team in Kerava inspects and tests products and handles any reclamations without delay.

Marketing and sales 

It is important for us to offer clear and accurate product information, whether it is about packaging, customer meetings or electronic communication. In digital services we pay careful attention to data protection and ease of use.  

Freight to customers 

We cooperate with our customers to optimize transport.

Use and maintenance 

We help our customers use our products in an energy-efficient way.  We provide information on the technical functionalities of the products, as well as instructions for their use, maintenance and recycling. 


In product design, we consider the reuse and recycling possibilities of materials. We provide guidance for our customers in recycling products and packaging.