Ethical and profitable business


Ethical and profitable business

We constantly strive to develop our product and service range and business operations to meet its customers’ needs in a profitable and ethical way. Our ethical and profitable operations are guided by the following principles, measures and objectives:

  • Airam is an approachable and flexible Finnish company.
  • Our business is profitable and our service is reliable.
  • We meet the owners' profit expectations.
  • We are one of the largest providers of lighting solutions in the Nordic countries. 
  • Our interaction with our stakeholders is based on trust.
  • We support the business operations of our suppliers and partners.
  • We report on our activities annually. We ensure that the information found on our website and in different publications is always up-to-date.
  • The customer and staff satisfaction are both excellent.
  • We are one of the leading suppliers of lighting solutions in the Nordic countries.
  • Our interactions with our stakeholders are confidential.
  • We support the business of our subcontractors and partners.
  • We report on our activities annually. Our information is up-to-date online and in publications.
  • Customer and personnel referrals are at an excellent level.

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Profitable business 

Sound finances are part of a sustainable business. Financially profitable business enables investment in social and environmental responsibility. It allows us to support society as a tax payer, our employees as a salary payer, and be a reliable partner for our customers and business partners. They also enable Airam to support society through paying taxes, employees by paying salaries, and to be a reliable partner to customers and business partners. A financially profitable business is a basic condition for us to be able to develop our products, operations and implement environmentally friendly solutions. It also offers flexibility and stability to meet the needs of society and the environment in the long term.

Ethical principles

Airam’s Board of Directors confirms the ethical principles that guide our operations as part of the company’s governance code. All Airam employees, management and board members must comply with Airam’s ethical principles. 

As a member of amfori, we are also committed to following amfori’s Code of Conduct in our own operations and in our business relationships. We expect responsible behaviour and commitment to amfori’s ethical principles from all our partners and stakeholders.

» Airam’s Code of Conduct
» Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct

It is important to us that we act ethically and in compliance with the law. Any action that violates the law or our Code of Conduct may be reported to any manager or other trusted party at Airam. Misconduct can also be reported through our whistleblowing channel. The channel also enables anonymous reporting.

» Airam’s whistleblowing channel