Airam Code of Conduct and Ethical Guidelines

Each person working at Airam Electric (employees, the management, and members of the Board) must comply with Airam's Code of Conduct and ethical guidelines. We also require a responsible approach from all our cooperative partners and stakeholders.

We comply with the law. 

  • We comply with the existing national laws, regulations, and agreements in all our activities 
We ensure proper data protection and information security.  We also require all our stakeholders to do the same.

We respect human rights.

  • We respect internationally recognized human rights in all our business activities. We treat everyone equally and respect each person's individual human dignity, privacy, and rights. 
  • We do not condone any forms of discrimination, bullying, harassment, insults, or abuse including words, gestures, or physical contact.
  • We also require that all our cooperative partners respect all internationally recognized human rights and we will not condone any human rights violations within our supply chain.

A fair and safe work environment. 

  • We respect each other and do our part to ensure the establishment of a fair work community and an enjoyable working atmosphere. Respect for other people and a genuine willingness to help others provides the basis of a well-functioning work environment where everyone can work comfortably and safely.
  • Each one of us can have a positive influence on the work environment by making responsible decisions in our daily work and by working in a professional, transparent, and fair manner. 
  • Together we can ensure that the working conditions are appropriate and safe for everyone and do not pose a risk to anyone’s health. 
  • Working as a supervisor requires the ability to manage others in an equal, proficient, and responsible manner. With their actions, supervisors can foster a constructive dialog by encouraging the employees to make suggestions for development, by addressing any shortcomings, and by supporting sustained development through equal training opportunities.
  • As an employer, Airam respects the employees’ freedom of association and freedom to organize professionally.

We act in a transparent manner, following the principles of fair competition.  

  • We treat all our customers, suppliers, and any other stakeholders equally.
  • We do not condone bribery or any other forms of corruption. Bribery is considered to include the offering or acceptance of any valuable gifts, payments, or benefits in order to receive questionable advantages. Bribery also includes the misuse of power of status in order to gain a personal advantage. These principles cannot be circumvented through third parties.
  • Regarding hospitality and business gifts, we act moderately and reasonably, following the relevant Airam guidelines. 

We avoid conflicts of interest. 

  • We aim to act transparently and equally in any situation. 
  • In choosing Airam’s employees and cooperative partners or during a tendering for a product or service, it must be ensured that the situation does not result in a conflict of interest. 
  • Relatives, friends, or acquaintances or companies they are associated with will not be hired or entered into agreements with on the basis of their personal relationships with the personnel of Airam, but only on the basis of their competence and proficiency. If a conflict of interest should arise, the member of staff in question cannot be involved in the decision pertaining to the selection of an employee or cooperative partner or tendering. 

We respect the environment and aim to minimize the harmful environmental impact.

  • We are committed to the sustained improvement of our products and activities in order to reduce the environmental impact and optimize our consumption of resources. We make choices that support the implementation and development of environmentally friendly technologies.
  • We take environmental matters into account in the selection of materials and in our acquisitions and aim to ensure that our products can be recycled easily, to provide proper guidance, and to reduce the amount of waste throughout our value chain.