Lumi Duo General luminaire

Airam Lumi Duo offers excellent resistance to sub-zero temperatures

Thanks to its resistance to extremely cold temperatures of down to -30 °C, Lumi Duo makes an ideal choice for outdoor spaces, such as carports in detached houses and housing complexes or entrance ways and access routes to public buildings.

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Synsam store lighting

Synsam store lighting

Airam delivered spotlights to the Synsam store located in a new Shopping Center, opened in March 2022. The light quality and excellent color rendering of the Target spotlights work well in an optical shop, where it is important to direct the eye in the store, and to make the colors of the products shine and look attractive.

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FastCalc makes luminaire selection easier

FastCalc makes luminaire selection easier

Airam website now features a brand new, easy-to-use FastCalc tool that makes selecting luminaires for lighting projects easier. The calculator is available for almost all Airam professional luminaires.

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Airam history film

What makes Airam Airam?

The year 2021 was of particular importance to Airam, as the family business celebrated its 100th anniversary in December. Our century-long journey has been an eventful one, from our origins in repairing lamps to our present status as one of the leading lighting companies in the Nordic countries. That’s something to be proud of. But how have we got here?

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bulb selection

Ideas and tips for bulb selection

From Airam's wide range of lamps, you will find suitable lamps for ceiling luminaires, wall luminaires, interior design and even decorative lights! 

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Airam SmartHome products

Airam SmartHome products

Airam SmartHome products make your daily life smoother. It makes it possible to experience the benefits of smart lighting and intelligent security products without major renovations. You can use SmartHome lamps even in your legacy luminaire! Enjoy your home more.

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home lighting

Ideas and tips for Home lighting

We at Airam have a hundred years of experience in lighting. Find ideas, tips, articles and content related to home lighting.

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Visavuori Casambi Airam Spot lighting


Different lighting solutions are suitable for different activities and different public environments. We help you to create energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions for large and small projects. Explore the sites and find inspiration and ideas for your future projects.

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