Ideas And Tips for Home Lighting

Are you designing a lighting solution for a new house or renovating your home? Are you looking for inspiration or interested in the latest trends? Have you got questions about lighting terminology? Airam has one hundred years of experience of lighting solutions. From these pages, you can find ideas, tips, articles and content related to lighting at home. 


A modern outdoor lighting solution for a house at a housing fair.
Versatile lighting in a kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

A kitchen lighting solution must not only provide sufficient illumination for day-to-day chores but also create a pleasant atmosphere for socialising. Create optimal lighting conditions for your kitchen with our expert tips and product recommendations!

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Multiple lighting levels in a living room.

Living room lighting

The basic lighting level for the living room is created by complementing natural light. At its best, illumination adds elegance, character and interest to the room.

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Indirect light in a bedroom.

Bedroom Lighting

Bedrooms are multipurpose spaces even though they are primarily designed for relaxation, rest and sleep. The bedroom often houses a dressing table or even a home office, which makes colour rendering and illuminance levels important properties in bedroom lighting.

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Sauna with a glass wall.

Lighting for Sauna and Bathroom

When designing bathroom lighting, pay attention to surface materials, reflections and glare. Read our articles to learn more!

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Hallway in a CLT house.

Lighting for Halls and Stairways

Your hallway offers visitors their first impression of your house and you. With good lighting, you not only make your everyday life more efficient but also give extra character to your home.

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Facade lighting.

Lighting for Gardens and Terraces

Outdoor lighting should highlight the best features of the façade and the garden, improve safety and indicate the various functions of the outdoor space.

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