Lighting for Gardens and Terraces

Outdoor lighting should highlight the best features of the façade and the garden, improve safety and indicate the various functions of the outdoor space.

Monipuolinen pihavalaistus korostaa yksityiskohtia kauniisti.
Lighting brings out beautiful details.

In the Nordic countries, night falls early for six months of the year. Because of this, outdoor lighting should also be given careful consideration. In addition to making the surroundings safer, outdoor luminaires give your house extra character and serve as the first introduction to you and your family.

With the advances in LED technology, outdoor lighting has evolved from a functional element to a design feature. In addition to fixed luminaires, portable luminaires and decorative lights are used to highlight details and to bring extra atmosphere to the changing seasons. Luminaires can be controlled with smart devices, photoelectric switches, motion sensors and timers designed for outdoor use.