Airam LED 2700K DIM

A lamp series covering all residential lighting needs. All models are dimmable with an LED dimmer. The clear DIM symbol indicates dimmability. The lamps have a pleasant warm white (2700 K) colour temperature. The opal light source provides non-glaring light. The eco-friendly cardboard packages are colour-coded. The colour indicates the corresponding incandescent bulb, making the choice simpler for the consumer. Technical specifications are also clearly presented. Ensure the compatibility of the range’s 12V lamps with your transformer.

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Product Overview

Lighting time 15,000 hours.

The collection includes lamps with both G9 and GU5.3 bases.

The collection includes spot lamps with GU10, E14 and E27 bases.

Immediate light-up and full light emission, even in sub-zero conditions.

Operating temperature range: -30 to +40 °C.

Good colour rendering, CRI > 80.

Continuous, even spectrum with no colour distortion.

Colour temperature 2,700 K, opal bulb.

Luminous efficacy up to 90 lm/W.

No UV or IR radiation.

Do not contain mercury.

Three-year warranty.

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