Airam PRO LED tubes 4000K

LED tubes are the preferred choice when replacing a fluorescent tube (T8) in order to achieve better light quality, better operating environment tolerance (in cold rooms, for example) and a longer service life. LED tubes are suitable as direct replacements of similar-sized fluorescent tubes. The conventional starter only needs to be replaced with the LED starter included in the package. The 59-cm tube is not suitable for two-lamp luminaires where the lamps have a shared ballast. LED tubes are only suitable for luminaries equipped with conventional magnetic ballasts.

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Product Overview

Very long lifetime, 50 000 h.

Light efficiency even 166 lm/W

Glass bulb: easy to install (does not bend).

Perfectly even structure between the base and the tube: strong durability during transport.

Led lighter included in the carton.

Replaces 18 W, 36 W and 58 W fluorescent tubes.

Colour temperature 4000 K.

Colour rendering index CRI > 80.

Beam angle 210°.

If the luminaire has a compensation capacitor, removing it could improve the power factor (Pf).

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