Atlas is a classic park luminaire that combines modern lighting technology, high impact resistance, and superior energy efficiency. Light distribution designed for area lighting makes Atlas an ideal solution for a wide range of applications in parks and squares as well as yards and footpaths. The luminaire can be customised to meet your needs. Atlas is made of high-quality durable materials, and it can be directly mounted on a Ø 60 mm post. A glare shield is available as an accessory that allows you to limit the light in the undesired direction. Additionally available as Dali-2, Night Dim and Casambi versions.

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Product Overview

Die-cast aluminium housing. Aluminium top and clear, UV-protected polycarbonate diffuser.

Grey, RAL 7024 and black, RAL 9005.

Protection class I.

Pole mounting (60 mm).

Luminaire is delivered with 4,5 meter connection cable (H07RN-F). On/off and Casambi 3 x 1,0 mm2. Dali and Night Dim 5 x 1,5 mm2.

Wind surface area 1.1304 m2, top / 0.1086 m2, sides.

Installation height 4–5 m.

Number of ballasts:


B10A 8 pcs, B16A 13 pcs.

C10A 13 pcs, C16A 22 pcs, C20A 27 pcs.


B10A 12 pcs, B16A 20 pcs.

C10A 20 pcs, C16A 33 pcs.

Night Dim

B10A 12 pcs, B16A 20 pcs.

C10A 20 pcs, C16A 33 pcs.


B10A 14 pcs, B16A 23 pcs.

C10A 23 pcs, C16A 38 pcs.

Colour temperature 4000 K. CRI > 70 / Ra > 70.

MacAdam 5 SDCM.



Fixed LED 33 W / 4500 lm.

On/off, Dali-2 and Night Dim, both with CLO function, and Casambi.

On/off, Casambi, Dali-2 and Night Dim, both with CLO function.

Ambient temperature range -30 … 35 °C, Casambi -25 … 35 °C.

Rated lifetime: L70 100,000 h (Ta25°C).

Power source service life: 100,000 h (Ta25°C).

Available with various luminous flux packages and connecting cables on a project-specific basis.

Product Versions