Decor 360 Opal 3000K DIM

The unique feature of this series is the lamps’ fully comprehensive 360-degree light distribution. The lamp also emits light in the direction of the base, which is particularly useful for ceiling luminaires, for example. An opal cover makes the light glareless. Models that are dimmable with LED dimmers can be recognised by the DIM symbol on the package. The lamps have a pleasant pure white tone (3000 K). Their eco-friendly cardboard packages are colour-coded. The colour indicates the corresponding incandescent bulb, making the choice simpler for the consumer. Technical specifications are also clearly presented.

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Product Overview

Lighting time 15,000 hours.

The lamps distribute light evenly around the fixture, making them especially well-suited for round ceiling lights or table lamps.

Immediate light-up and full light emission, even in sub-zero conditions.

Operating temperature range: -30 to +40 °C.

Good colour rendering, CRI > 80.

Continuous, even spectrum with no colour distortion.

Colour temperature 3,000 K, an opal 360D bulb.

No UV or IR radiation.

Do not contain mercury.

Three-year warranty.

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