Airam SmartHome

Fall in love with Airam SmartHome! Download the free app and pair the smart products with it. Take advantage of the versatile features of the products easily and at a reasonable cost, without major home renovations.

Airam SmartHome lighting

You control the Airam SmartHome series with the Airam SmartHome app. Download the app from Google Play or from the App Store. Application languages: Finnish, Swedish and English, depending on your phone's operating system. Connect your devices to your home WiFi network. You don't need a separate hub! Products can be connected to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri Shortcut for voice control. The freedom to play with light brings even more comfort, colour, joy and the opportunity to enjoy your own home a little more. Smart electrical accessories create a sense of security when you know what’s going on in your home while you’re away.