LED tubes

LED tubes, with better light output, are a common replacement for fluorescent tubes. LED tubes offer better light quality and energy efficiency, as well as better light efficiency in cold conditions in particular. The lamps can be interchanged with fluorescent tubes by using the enclosed LED starter. If the luminaire has a compensation capacitor, removing it will improve the power factor (Pf).

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Product Overview

The tube is made of glass.

Long life of 30,000 hours.

Immediate light-up and full light emission, even in sub-zero conditions.

Offers better light quality than fluorescent lamps.

Flicker-free light-up.

Continuous, even spectrum with no colour distortion.

Colour temperatures: 3,000 K and 4,000 K, opal bulb.

No UV or IR radiation.

Do not contain mercury.

Three-year warranty.

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