Sauna LED +60°C

The lamps in the Sauna series are designed for conditions with a higher than normal temperature. They can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 60 degrees. Please note that the lamp can only be placed in low-mounted sauna luminaires. The eco-friendly packages indicate the corresponding incandescent bulb, making the choice easier for consumers. Technical specifications are clearly presented. The colour temperature is warm white (2700 K or 2800 K).

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Product Overview

The components of the Sauna LED withstand high temperatures well.

Suitable for luminaires located at a low height in the sauna, e.g. under the sauna benches.

Available as a standard E27 bulb and a E14 candle bulb.

Colour temperatures: 2,700 K, and 2,800 K, opal bulb.

No UV or IR radiation.

Do not contain mercury.

Three-year warranty.

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