Safety timers

With this easy-to-use “countdown” safety timer, you can control the power supply from the electricity network to a device. The timers have either a 15–75 minute or 1–5 hour timer cycle. The time is set using a handy push button. Depending on the model, one push of the button increases the operating time by either 15 minutes or one hour. The operating time of the device connected to the timer is indicated by illuminated segments on the edge of the timer’s plug. The timer can be used to switch off devices that must not be left on, such as irons and coffee makers. Also suitable for mobile phone chargers and other devices. A safe double-pole switch cuts off power to the device connected to the timer.

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Product Overview

For indoor use only.

IP-class IP20

Light source LED

Timer switch: a single push increases time by 15 min. (model 2623317) or 1 h (model 2623318).

Max. power 2300W / 10A, 250V~50Hz.

Product Versions