Airam lights up Seinäjoki’s Ideapark

Airam delivered 4,000 luminaires for the corridors and shops and other commercial premises in Ideapark in Seinäjoki. Encompassing more than 100 shop premises and seven hectares of commercial space, the large-scale construction project was carried out under a tight timetable. Seamless collaboration with the client ensured a successful result. The spectacular shopping centre in Ostrobothnia is a testament to Airam’s ability to realise large and challenging projects. 

 Seinäjoen Ideapark Airamin valossa

The work on Ideapark, located in Jouppi in Seinäjoki, kicked off in spring 2018 and the first luminaire deliveries were carried out in March 2019. The shopping centre opened its doors to the public in November 2019, during the busiest Christmas shopping season. With its competitive deals and extensive selection of products and services, this shopping centre, which is the seventh largest in Finland, attracts customers from across Ostrobothnia and surrounding regions.

Ville Keinänen, from Airam’s professional luminaire section, sums up the factors contributing to the success of the project. 
-    ‘In projects of this size, open communication is essential. Listening to the client and ensuring seamless collaboration with designers and contractors was part of our daily work. Responding to situations rapidly and taking responsibility for the meticulous completion of deliveries and installations were a priority for all the parties.

Modular Plata luminaires installed on corridors

The shopping centre’s corridors and some of its business premises were given a harmonious appearance by installing nearly 600 modular Plata luminaires on the suspended ceilings in these spaces. Airam guarantees that Plata luminaires have a lifetime of 100,000 hours before they reach 70% of the initial lumen output (L70), making them a sustainable lighting solution for public spaces. 

A fresh look for K-Citymarket

In Citymarket, the guiding design principle was to make shopping easy for customers. Well-lit signs and texts help customers navigate the space and find what they are looking for. Lighting is also an essential part of aesthetics and ergonomics in the shop. Luminaires were customised for the premises and asymmetrical light distribution was realised on the edges of the space to highlight the text on the walls.

Effective general lighting was realised with the extensive Rami range, which includes four housing lengths and three optical options as standard models. Suitable for ramp, surface, suspension and clip suspension mounting, Rami is quick and easy to install. More than 600 Rami luminaires equipped with the DALI control system were delivered for the supermarket, 80 of which were customised.

Style and efficacy for the check-outs with lighting

Good lighting levels boost alertness among the staff and shoppers, contributing to a pleasant shopping experience. The Arrow models of the Over range were used to create a design element in the shape of an arrow at the entrance to the supermarket. At the check-outs, the Square models from the same range were placed in a rectangular arrangement to form an effective and eye-catching lighting solution. For the best results, luminaries were customised and delivered with the most suitable cables.

Elegant spotlights for an interior design shop

Ideapark’s Zicos interior design shop offers inspiration and new ideas for everyone interested in interior design. In this shop, highlighting the shapes and colours of the products is particularly important. Center spotlights, which can be installed on a three-phase rail and offer adaptability and adjustability were selected as the accent lighting solution. 

Airam offers its Center spotlights in several different colour temperatures and two housing sizes and colours as standard options. The luminaires can be customised by selecting a suitable reflector and luminous flux package. They are specially designed for spot and accent lighting in spaces where high-quality lighting is required.

Airam’s lighting allows cars to shine

Ideapark’s Bayerncar car dealership offers services related to the import of high-quality cars. An ideal lighting solution emphasises the appearance of the cars and makes the space safe and easy to navigate. The sales premises are illuminated with 90 Rami luminaires and complemented with Center spotlights.

Functional lighting solutions for technical premises

Thanks to its extensive selection, Airam can ensure a successful lighting solution for all applications. At Ideapark, the behind-the-scenes technical spaces were equipped with hundreds of Airam’s general-lighting luminaires, including Airaline Eco, Lumi II, Futura Ex, Module, Fresa, Prettus and Sono III. 

Airam’s project sales coordinated the project and ensured smooth information flow between customer services, production and logistics and the timely delivery of products to the worksite. 
-    ‘As a Finnish operator, Airam was in a good position to respond rapidly to any situation and to deliver luminaires to the installation site on schedule. It was even able to supply additional products on short notice,’ shares Kalle Houtbeckers, a member of Airam’s project sales team. 

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