K-Market’s fresh store lighting

Airam supplied the universal lighting for K-Market at Visamäki in Hämeenlinna with new Rami luminaires. The choice of lighting was based on Dialux calculations, according to which the Rami ramp luminaires met the lighting requirements set for the retail outlet of at least 800 lux on the floor between the shelves and 500 lux at a height of 1 m on the vertical surfaces of the shelves.

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K-Group opened the new 650 m² K-Market at Visamäki in Hämeenlinna on November 30, 2017. Airam supplied the universal lighting for the whole store with the new Rami luminaires. The choice was based on DIALux calculations, according to which the Rami ramp luminaires met the lighting requirements set for the retail outlet. Airam made lighting calculations in cooperation with Granlund’s electrical designer and Hämeen Talotekniikka Oy, which also served as the electrical contractor for the project. Before the final decision to purchase, the luminaires were reviewed in terms of both their technical and visual properties, and were accepted by K-Group’s Jari Suuronen.

Everyone enjoys good light

Correctly designed store lighting increases sales. Products on sale play a key role on shelves: they must be clearly visible even on the lowest shelves. A good level of lighting also has an impact on people’s alertness. It invigorates both the staff and customers, which is also an essential part of the buying experience. Good lighting in facilities also increases safety and accessibility.

Easy to install

The Rami range of luminaires has been designed especially for retail outlets, but is also suitable for halls and industrial needs. The luminaires are always delivered with their connecting wires and installation accessories ready assembled. In standard deliveries, a luminaire with an aluminium body is available in four lengths and three optical alternatives: OP, OPR3 and OPR4.

Rami luminaires with OPR4 optics were installed in the store at a height of 4 metres. The lighting requirement on the floor between the shelves is 800 lux, and Airam’s Rami luminaires produces a level of approximately 1,000 lux. The luminaires are also available with DALI controls. The retail outlet owner therefore has the opportunity to dim the lights through a central adjuster. The controls are programmed with several pre-set lighting levels, so the level can be quickly adjusted according to the need. Hämeen Talotekniikka Oy said that the luminaires were easy to install and that, thanks to the DALI controls, they can save energy.

The owner pleased with the end result

The store owner, Kimmo Itäaho, was very happy with the fresh look provided by the lighting: the articles on sale are very well highlighted in the 4000 K colour temperature lighting. The good news is that, in this store, bulbs do not need to be changed. The lights burn for about 16 hours a day throughout the year, except on holidays. The service life of the luminaires is 70,000 hours at a temperature of 25°C so, after 12 years, the luminous flux will have decreased by only about 20% from its starting level.

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