Lighting in schools

Sufficient levels of even and glare-free illumination in schools and workplaces boost alertness, concentration and learning. In lighting design for schools, the goal is typically to enable the creation of spaces that are easy to adapt and suitable for a variety of uses. To help with this, Airam offers energy-efficient lighting solutions with versatile control systems.

huhtasuon koulu jyväskylä
Mankkaan päiväkoti Airam Puck-valaisimet

Airam supplies lighting solutions for Mankkaa’s day-care centre

Airam supplied functional and energy-efficient general lighting solutions for the day-care centre’s learning environments, corridors, lobbies and technical spaces.

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Belysningsrenovering på Jyskä skola School's lighting renovation

School's lighting renovation

Jyskä School has received a fresh new look as a result of lighting renovation carried out in its interiors. Low-profile, recess-mounted Plata luminaires and round Flat panel luminaires for suspended ceiling systems were selected for the lobby and corridors.

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Koulun valaistus elinkaarihankkeena

Torkinmäki School and Daycare

The Torkinmäki School building in Kokkola was built to last as a life-cycle project. The modular luminaires of the Airam Plateia series were selected for the general lighting.

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