Relaxing scenery on the dentist’s ceiling

Satakunta Region Hospital in Pori offers the services of almost all special medical fields. Airam supplied the hospital’s dental, oral and jaw disease outpatients’ clinic with bright and relaxing scenery in four operating rooms. The scenery was fitted to the suspended ceiling system, together with recess-mounted Plateia Q Sky luminaires. At Pori Dental Clinic, the landscape was tailored according to the customer’s wishes from Airam’s selection of images.

Airam moduulivalaisin maisemakuvalla hammashoitolassa

Many image possibilities

The Plateia Q Sky luminaire range can be used to create a skylight atmosphere in rooms where there is little natural light or where the milieu otherwise requires a new look. The range contains many image alternatives, sizes and individual panels. With Airam’s images of sky and foliage, assemblages of different sizes and shapes can be constructed from luminaires measuring 596 x 596 mm: (2x3, 3x3, 4x4 and 3x4 pcs). The system can also be put together with other images and landscapes from, say, the customer’s own pictures on a ceiling or wall surface, as long as the image quality is sufficient for printing. The luminaire can also be installed with DALI control.

More tranquil patients

Minna Alhonen works as a special designer for the Joint Municipal Federation of Satakunta Hospital District. She is an expert on hospitals both in Finland and abroad, and has come across similar nature pictures on ceilings in Holland.

“In research, art and nature have clearly been proven to calm patients (evidence-based design),” says Alhonen, summarising the recently implemented lighting solution as follows: “The dentist’s chair if anything is a frightening place for many people, so because of this we sought a solution by which an image could be placed on the ceiling without impairing the lighting. Airam’s Plateia Q Sky is a wonderful and good solution. We have received exceptionally good feedback from our patients, and the staff too are satisfied with the pleasant and bright facilities.”