ysmä Social and Health Centre get bright new facilities

The Municipality of Sysmä has built a new social and health centre in the town centre on Leppäkorventie. The modern facilities of the new centre enable improved local social and healthcare services for residents. The premises comprising 1,800 m2 under one roof accommodate a reception area, a ward with 20 beds, and facilities for X-ray, dental care, social services and occupational health care. Airam delivered energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for the construction project. Thanks to the LED lighting and solar panels, the building’s energy efficiency coefficient is approximately 100.

Sysmän Sote-keskus valaistus

Construction work for the new social and healthcare centre began in May 2017, and was completed on schedule in August 2018. The company Insinöörityö Hentinen Oy bore overall responsibility for the design and construction of the project, Sitowise Oy was in charge of electrical design, and Ansioniemen Sähkö Oy was responsible for the electrical contracting.

“We are satisfied with the progress of construction work. Airam’s luminaires arrived on site at the right time and we kept on schedule,” says Tomi Ikävalko of Ansioniemen Sähkö on behalf of the electrical contractor. Ikävalko also says that one of the special features of electrical installation in the healthcare field is ensuring that precautions are taken against power outages using reserve power, which helps to minimise risk factors in patient safety.

Energy efficiency requirements

“The objective set by the municipality was to make the building as energy-efficient as possible. High-level building technology, LED lighting that consumes little energy and the use of solar energy with solar panels all save considerably on energy costs,” says Seppo Puhakka from Sitowise Oy, which was responsible for electrical design. The energy efficiency coefficient of the building is approximately 100. This figure includes the annual amounts of heating, equipment power and cooling energy needed by the building.

Light-structured modular luminaires

For the corridor and office facilities, Airam delivered Module luminaires suitable for a suspended ceiling system, some of which were DALI-controlled. The light-structured modular luminaires have a very good coefficient of efficiency of 139 lm/W and, fitted with microprism optics, very low discomfort glare (UGR < 19).

Special requirements for airlocks

Airam’s IP65-class Clean clean room luminaires were selected for the airlocks in the ward. In clean facilities, structures, materials and shapes are chosen so that, together with other technology, they form a seamless entity. For hygiene reasons, a high level of moisture- and dust-proofness is also required for clean-room lighting, which must also be easy to clean.

With night lights, the safety in corridors required by both patients and staff was achieved. Low-profiled Lid Big luminaires were installed in patient rooms, so that their light does not disturb sleep. Above the beds, Dora luminaires serve as spotlights. Both of these, Lid Big and Dora, are IP65-class luminaires.

Landscape lighting pacifies in the dental ward

In the design of facilities, the views of the staff were also listened to. In the dental facilities, the dentists themselves chose the pictorial subject matter for the lighting in the treatment rooms. On the ceiling above the patient chairs, peaceful back-lit landscape images were installed of enchanting coral reefs and tranquil palm covered beaches. Art and nature pictures have been proven to calm patients, which is often needed at a dental surgery by both child and adult patients. The landscape luminaires were installed in the suspended ceiling system.

Sysmän Sote-keskus valaistus

Sysmän Sote-keskus valaistus

Sysmän Sote-keskus valaistus