Special Lighting Needs of the New Jewelry Factory

Europe’s most modern jewelry factory was completed in Konala, Helsinki, in the summer of 2018. Lighting with a color temperature close to daylight was a vital requirement for the demanding, high-precision work. Proper lighting guarantees that the jewelry looks similar during the work phase as it does when worn by the user. A color temperature of 5,700 Kelvin was eventually chosen to achieve the desired result.

Kalevalakoru tuotantotilojen valaistus

Responsibility of the production chain

Kalevala Koru’s success story from the 1930s to today is rooted in a strong artistic vision and Finnish craftsmanship. More than 50 people work at Kalevala Koru’s production facilities, and jewelry for both Kalevala Koru and Lapponia is manufactured at the plant. The company has been awarded the Key Flag symbol as a sign of Finnish work. Kalevala Koru is committed to act responsibly when it comes to emissions and the recycling of materials, and the company follows ethical principles throughout its entire supply chain.

The planning of the new production facilities began a little less than two years ago, and the facilities were completed in the summer of 2018. When designing the new jewelry factory, the focus was on job satisfaction and occupational safety in facilities where professionals combine the industry’s latest innovations with traditional working methods and instruments in perfect harmony. Good lighting in the production facilities improves well-being, productivity and security. LED lighting is also an ecological choice, as it consumes a lot less energy than the fluorescent lighting of the old premises.

The color temperature of the lighting is important

Project designers from Kalevala Koru, Onninen and Airam discussed different lighting alternatives together. At the construction company’s request, Kalle Houtbeckers from Airam determined the requirements for the lighting by using Dialux calculations. The project was challenging, as it included a variety of different production, storage, office and social facilities.

We tested different lighting alternatives, listened to the wishes and requests of the staff and fine-tuned the lighting solutions until we achieved the optimal result. The production facilities demanded proper lighting with a color temperature close to daylight to make sure that the jewelry would look similar during the work phase as it does when worn by the user.

Tailored solutions

In the end, we settled on custom models based on the Keto collection of luminaires that produce a pure white light with a color temperature of 5700 Kelvin. Airam’s stocked selection includes two types of light fixtures from the Keto collection. Keto IP44 luminaires (41 and 63 W) are particularly well-suited for production and storage facilities as well as for corridors and wet facilities. The Keto II luminaire is a model with a narrow body (18, 36 and 47 W). Both models can be fitted with a Dali controller, and the color temperatures of the in-stock models are 3000 and 4000 K.

In addition to the stocked selection, Airam can also use tailored lighting solutions for demanding projects, whether we are talking about lighting control, the tone of the light or special requirements related to the installation. The project was completed on schedule, and the people at Kalevala Koru were happy to move to the new, inspiring and brightly lit production premises.

Kalevalakoru tuotantotilojen valaistus

Kalevalakoru tuotantotilojen valaistus

Kalevalakoru tuotantotilojen valaistus