Lighting Solutions for the Finnish Postal Service’s Logistics Center

The Finnish postal service’s next-generation terminal in Viinikkala, Vantaa, was completed in July. The new terminal enables a smoother flow of goods and efficient distribution capacity for businesses, consumers and worksites. About 200–300 articulated vehicles and 5,700 cargo pallets go through the huge new terminal every day. Carefully optimized area lighting is crucial when designing highly automated logistics solutions.

Lighting Solutions for the Finnish Postal Service’s Logistics Center

Automated traffic control

At the entrance gate, a camera reads the vehicle’s license plate and directs it to a predetermined, optimally located loading platform by using digital identifiers. More light than normal was required to identify the license plates. Automating the control of the terminal’s flow of goods reduces the possibility of human error, thus speeding up operations and improving quality.

The distribution center has 155 loading and unloading platforms and a covered loading hall with five side-loading platforms. Each loading and unloading platform has a digital display that controls the traffic flexibly according to the capacity and flow of goods.

Area lighting with floodlights

In addition to the terminal, Airam also calculated the lighting needs for the staff parking areas and the entrance and exit gates. Suomen sähköhuolto was selected as the contractor for the project, and they installed floodlights on 12-metre tall columns and directly onto the walls of the buildings. The asymmetric models of the Flood series are especially well-suited for area lighting. The enclosure class of light fixtures used in demanding outdoor conditions must be high, and the materials used must be durable (IP66/IK08). Ventilation valves are used to prevent any problems with condensation and mist.

Reliable lighting is an important part of occupational safety

The Finnish Postal Service wanted to invest in the overall level of security: The entire supply chain, all the loading and unloading phases, are recorded with cameras. This requires efficient and reliable lighting. Because of the high traffic volume, it was important to place the light fixtures in easily accessible locations and make sure that the light covers everything so that there are no dark spots anywhere.

Airam made a Dialux calculation for the area lighting, and floodlights from the Flood series with three different power classes were selected based on this calculation. The lighting level at the target had to be much brighter than the standard. We achieved the desired level with the selected luminaires.

No-glare indoor lighting

About 300 employees work at the terminal in three shifts, the majority of whom are vehicle drivers. The break room has to be comfortable and refreshing and located in a place where the employees can enjoy their well-deserved moment of rest. Modular Plata light fixtures with an aluminum body and no-glare microprismatic optics suitable for office work were installed on the break and office facilities’ suspended ceilings.

Lumi II 320 ceiling luminaires with Pir motion sensors as well as Fresa industrial luminaires were also installed on the suspended ceilings indoors. In the Lumi II models, the LEDs are placed in a ring, making installation fast and easy. The Fresa models are rated D in terms of fire resistance, are easy to install, work well also in cold spaces and can withstand large amounts of repeated use.

All the Airam luminaires chosen for the Finnish postal service’s new logistics center can be found in stock at the Kerava logistics center. Ahlsell delivered everything to the worksite on schedule. After the installation, Airam made sure that the desired amount of light and the measured results for the outdoor lighting corresponded with each other.

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