Glare-free light for Gofore premises

Airam illuminated Gofore’s office and meeting rooms at Kamppi in Helsinki. Gofore offers digital services in the business planning and development of organisations. For Gofore, it is a matter of honour to be the best workplace for its employees and to ensure that they are comfortable in and enjoy their work. If the corporate culture is to give your heart and soul to the job, then conditions should allow for it. Good office lighting improves the enjoyment of work and work efficiency.

Gofore Helsinki, toimistotilojen valaistusratkaisut

In the renovation of the workstations in Gofore’s office, it was important to provide indirect, glare-free light for the general office lighting, the meeting rooms and workstations. Adaptable lighting with DALI control was also wanted for the workstations. Thanks to the control, the level of lighting can be adjusted separately depending on the needs of different workstations.

Medio provides soft glare-free light

The Medio series of suspended luminaires was selected for the office workstations and smaller meeting rooms. The suspended model Medio gives light both upwards and downwards, so the room gets pleasantly soft lighting. Thanks to the microprism diffuser, the light is glare-free. The luminaires were delivered with ready-installed connecting wires, so installation would be as fast and easy as possible.

In standard deliveries, Airam offers the aluminium-bodied Medio luminaire in white, but the luminaires for Gofore were delivered painted black, so that they would merge into the dark ceiling structure. The luminaire is available in two different lengths, for surface mounting or wire suspension, either with an opal or microprism diffuser. The Medio D- and DI-models can be suspended and the DI model also shines light upwards. All models are available with DALI controls.

A tailored lighting solution

For the conference room, a tailored, rectangular, one-piece Medio D-series luminaire was specially made, also in black. A luminaire suspended at the right height provides even light everywhere, even in corners, which guarantees good lighting for everyone sitting at the conference table. The light also nicely outlines the room. With dimming, it can be ensured that, in audiovisual presentations, the lighting level can be easily adjusted to suit the situation.

Plata modular luminaires for the general lighting of rooms

Plata modular luminaires with microprism diffusers and DALI control were supplied for the general lighting of the office. The low-profiled Plata panel luminaire is particularly suitable recess-mounted in the false ceiling systems commonly used in offices and public facilities. It can also be installed wire-suspended or on the surface of a wall or ceiling with a separate installation kit.

Airam Medio-valaisin

Gofore Medio-valaisin

Gofore Plata-valaisimet