Hotel Marski shines in the best spot in Helsinki

The illustrious Hotel Marski, located in the centre of Helsinki, reopened its doors in summer 2019 after renovation. The 20,000 m2 hotel building, which is classified as significant to the cityscape, is now taller, more spacious and offer greater functionality. Airam delivered luminaires and light sources to the hotel in conjunction with its renovation.

Hotel Marski shines in the best spot in Helsinki

Marshall Mannerheim, President Kekkonen, Helsinki and Finnish nature are integral parts of Hotel Marski’s story. While Marski experienced an extensive transformation, great care was taken to preserve its historical values. In addition to high-quality Finnish raw materials, the hotel selected interior design elements, pictures and furniture from Finnish suppliers. The legendary Marski Bar and Restaurant Kuusi Palaa are modern and relaxed, in the Scandinavian style.

Dining in a warm and inviting atmosphere

The inviting atmosphere of Restaurant Kuusi Palaa is complemented by Airam’s lighting solution, with its warm colour temperature of 2,200 K. The dining room’s brass accent walls reflect the warm light, while Airam’s LED luminaires illuminate tables and seating groups, creating a cosy atmosphere. The Decor range offers a wide variety of lighting solutions. The Decor luminaires with a glass diffuser have a 360° beam, distributing light evenly in all directions. They come into their own mounted on Marski’s brass walls where no effort was made to disguise the light source.

Luminaires designed for clean spaces illuminate the kitchen

Clean luminaires designed for clean spaces offered an ideal solution for Marski's kitchen. The Clean range was originally intended for hospitals and other healthcare facilities, where high levels of hygiene and air tightness and a high IP class are required. These requirements also apply to professional kitchens, where ingredients, expertise and technology must be of the highest quality. In Marski’s kitchen, Airam’s Clean luminaires provide even, white light of 4,000 K for work areas. The Clean range offers high output in relation to energy consumption.

The kitchen staff have been happy with their new workspace, according to Head Chef Sami Lyly, who explains that innovative solutions were sought in the restaurant’s renovation. A fitting example of this is the kitchen’s unique integrated cooking area, which includes all the required devices and technology, from induction hobs to deep fryers and from a pizza oven to CleanMaster ventilation that breaks up fat. Work ergonomics and efficiency were taken into account in the renovation, with surfaces designed to be easy to keep clean. In line with current recommendations, the kitchen sorts and recycles all the waste in compliance with detailed instructions.

Over luminaires on escape routes

In the escape route staircases, Airam’s linear Over luminaires were mounted on the ceiling. The design of the diffuser ensures excellent light distribution to the sides, making the luminaires an ideal solution for corridors and offices. The luminaire, with its aluminium housing, is available in two lengths and it can be mounted on the ceiling or with wire suspension fixtures. All the models are available with DALI control or as Casambi or ActiveAhead solutions with wireless control.

Efficient lighting solution for the parking facility

The hotel’s technical premises and the renovated car park on the hotel’s lower floors were equipped with Futura Tech luminaires. The red accent colours on the parking garage’s pillars brighten up the space, and the energy-efficient luminaires with a colour temperature of 4,000 K help customers to orientate themselves. With their D classification, Futura Tech luminaires are suitable for all parking facilities, irrespective of whether they are heated or not. Because of their capacity to be switched on and off repeatedly, the luminaires are suitable for control via motion detectors.

Lighting design: Ramboll Oy
Client: Valion Eläkekassa pension fund
Area: approx. 20,000 m2
Renovation period: 1/2018–5/2019

Airam Decor Antique-lamput 

Airam Decor Antique-lamput 

Airam Decor Antique-lamput

Airam Decor Antique-lamput ravintolasalissa

Airam Decor-lamput

Airam Decor-lamput 

Futura Tech valaisimet

Futura Tech valaisimet hotellin pysäköintitilassa.


Lineaariset Over-valaisimet hotellin poistumisreiteillä.

Clean puhdastilavalaisimet

Clean puhdastilavalaisimet Marskin ravintolan keittiössä.