An eye-catching lighting solution for a garden

Casa WelliKulho’s sloping plot in the housing fair area was put to good use to offer its sporty residents fun things to do. The house’s pool area offers great views across Lake Saimaa.

wellikulho uima-altaan valaistus

Casa WelliKulho’s sloping plot (house 18) in the housing fair area was put to good use to offer things to do for its sporty residents. The central point of the garden is the pool area and pool house located at the bottom of the slope. However cold the water is in Lake Saimaa, this family can enjoy a refreshing swim. The patio offers a lovely spot for admiring the views across Saimaa, even when the evenings draw in.

In the evening, lighting emphasises the building’s architecture. The walls are illuminated with white Näsby luminaires mounted on the building’s corners. These luminaires offer efficient, well-directed and glare-free illumination. One of Näsby’s outstanding features is its adaptable beam, which ranges from 0 to 80° both upward and downward.

Extra safety for the garden

A well-designed lighting solution for a garden improves safety and makes navigating the space easier. A retaining wall built on the slope is illuminated with low-profile Lid Mini luminaires, while Holm Eye ground lights were mounted on the steps. Th indirect light generated by them does not cause glare but makes navigating the area easier in the dark. Elegant Sund wall luminaires were selected for the balcony and the pool house walls.
The Slim downlights installed on the ceiling of the patio in the top garden are an ideal choice for areas underneath eaves and patio canopies. The Slim IP65 is a recess-mounted luminaire with an integrated AC LED lamp, which does not require a separate ballast.

Facilities such as storage spaces and garages require effective lighting with an appropriate protection rating. In the shed and carport, the Faro LED luminaires offer even and efficient light that switches on immediately. Thanks to the efficient lighting solution, the shed can even be used for working in twilight.

Lighting design: Erja Taipale, Tilasi Oy

Airam lid luminaire

Airam näsby luminaire

led stripe airam lid luminaire