Synsam store lighting

Airam delivered spotlights to the Synsam store located in a new Shopping Center, opened in March 2022. The light quality and excellent color rendering of the Target spotlights work well in an optical shop, where it is important to direct the eye in the store, and to make the colors of the products shine and look attractive.

Synsam store lighting

It is easy to visit the attractive Synsam store on the first floor of the shopping center. According to the Synsam store concept specifications, no fewer than 2,500 products are displayed in the mega-sized store. In addition to eyeglasses, the selection includes sunglasses, special work glasses, children's eyeglass models, contact lenses with accessories, as well as sports glasses for golf, cycling, sailing, skiing, downhill skiing and many other sports.

The color rendering ability of the light is a decisively important property

The online eyeglass store has grown significantly, but most people still want to choose suitable glasses in the store together with the guidance of expert staff. "In an optician's shop, the color tone of the light and the color rendering ability of the light are of great importance. The slight differences in shades of the frames and links of the glasses must stand out clearly both on the sales wall and in the fitting situation against the customer's face," says store manager Essi Virtanen. When it comes to eyeglass frames and lens colors, there shouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises in the daylight afterwards.
Medium-sized target spotlight with a black frame were chosen for this Synsam store. The excellent color rendering ability (CRI > 90) and PremiumWhite feature (930 and 940) of Target spotlights are designed especially for accent lighting in stores. The adaptability of the luminaire gives many options for lighting for various stores. A store space where the sales collection is constantly changing the spot luminaires must be easily movable and directed.

Lighting choices according to Synsam's store concept

Placed in three-phase rail and carefully directed, spotlights do not cause annoying glare and create a pleasant shopping experience for the customer. Hapeta Oy's Elias Takala makes lighting measurements and lighting plans for all Synsam stores in Finland. The guidelines for the lighting selections came from Synsam. Both the technical and appearance requirements of the lighting were precisely defined in the design concept of the stores. Airam's Target M and L size luminaires met the stated requirements for luminous flux and color rendering.

Against the black ceiling surface of the store, the linearly designed luminaire softly blends into their surroundings and let the products themselves shine in a good light. "On site in the stores, Elias Takala is habitually responsible for directing the lighting," says Hannu Takala from Hapeta contracting. "The light of Airam's Target spotlights is not too spot-like and its opening angle is suitable for this type of store. The light does not dazzle, and it brings out the best of the items well," explains Takala.
Airam's Target lighting selection includes two sizes and two body colors, white and black. Black M-size luminaires with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin were installed in this store. The luminaire has a swivelling, adjustable and rotating, bevelled aluminium reflector 36°, which provides efficient light where it is needed. The luminaire is equipped with an almost inconspicuous ballast that is integrated into a three-phase rail. 
In the Synsam's store, there is a space for opticians to examine the customer's vision thoroughly and offer expert service. In an eye examination, it is necessary to constantly adjust the amount of light. For this reason, dimmable Plata panel luminaires with Dali control were installed in the research rooms.

Smooth supply chain and contracting

"The cooperation with Airam has gone smoothly. The luminaires and their availability are good, and deliveries to the construction site have been made through Ahlsell's electrical wholesale. There have been enough products and the planned, ordered and delivered quantities have been correct," says Hannu Takala.
Hapeta Oy comprehensively implements the lighting installations of all Synsam stores in Finland, and a large part of the store renovations has already been implemented. "Each store is visited on site with the store manager. Feedback from the customer has been positive."


  • Lighting design and electrical contracting: Hapeta Oy, Finland

  • Store design conceptualization: Synsam

  • Address: Lippulaiva Shopping Center, Espoonlahdenkatu 8, Espoo, Finland

Synsam-myymälän valaistus

Synsam-myymälän kohdevalaistus Airam Target

Synsam kohdevalaistus Airam Target