Warm atmosphere in the restaurant Zhèn with Coloris LED strip

Coloris LED strip was installed in the Chinese fine dining restaurant Zhèn in Helsinki. The starting point was to create a warm atmosphere with easy control of the lighting. To create the desired atmosphere in the restaurant, millions of colours in the Coloris LED strip are controlled to the right shade with Cozify. In addition to Coloris' LED strip, Cozify controls other lighting in the restaurant, including rail-mounted spotlights and a chandelier.

Zhen-ravintola Helsinki

Zhèn is a restaurant with authentic Chinese taste experiences in Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki. Already the name Zhèn - the emperor, bodes well. It inspires respect and contains, in addition to good food, the promise of first-class service and atmosphere. The restaurant has quickly become one of Helsinki's most popular restaurants serving Asian food. The restaurant's menu consists of a five-course tasting menu and individual à la carte dishes from which to choose your favorite.

Intelligent Cozify control

The premises of the Zhèn restaurant were to be indirectly illuminated by installing Airam Coloris LED strip providing light reflected from the surfaces into the room, without glare. Simple, intelligent and modern light control was desired for light control. Airam recommended the intelligent control solution Cozify ZEN, designed for Cozify's professional use, which could conveniently connect both Coloris LED strips and other luminaires. In this way, the light control works as a whole in the space according to different needs, and you can create an atmosphere with different themes and automations via the system. In addition to the switches, the light control also works comfortably on a mobile phone.

Cozify's CEO Kimmo Ruotoistenmäki explains that the most important thing when choosing intelligent lighting solutions is easy handling either on site or remotely, as well as compatibility with other smart devices. "The demand for smart devices used in real estate has grown a lot in recent years, but all too often the management of the system and various devices is not under control, which causes irritation for installers and users", explains Ruotoistenmäki. Cozify ZEN is a unified intelligent system for professionals and ensures cost efficiency by making it easy to design, install and manage.

The many possibilities of the Coloris LED strip

Airam consults on the choice of lighting for the site. The Coloris LED strip chosen for the purpose is perfect for spaces that require both good general lighting and spectacular mood lighting. The LED strip was installed in the restaurant hall, for example in window niches and at wall panels. LED strips are usually installed, for example, on top of furniture or in the background of furniture, paintings and mirrors to provide a pleasant, glare-free indirect light in the space.

The Coloris LED strip's continuous adjustment of the white colour temperature provides many opportunities for general lighting. In addition, with the RGB alternative, you can choose between millions of colours and create interesting details and moods.

The IP65-rated Coloris LED strip can also be installed outdoors or indoors in humid spaces. In addition, the series includes a practical ready-to-use IP20 package for indoor use, which contains the LED strip as well as all the needed components. Controlling the LED strip requires a 24V DC power supply, a LED controller and a remote control.


Lightsources: Airam 
Lighting control system: Cozify ZEN 
Address: Ravintola Zhèn, Eteläinen Makasiinikatu 4, Helsinki 00130, Finland 

Airam coloris-nauha ravintola Zhèn Helsinki

Airam coloris-nauha ja Decor-lamput ravintola Zhèn Helsinki

Airam coloris-nauha ravintola Zhèn Helsinki