Functional general lighting for a kitchen

Functional general lighting for a kitchen

In addition to general lighting, two or three different lighting levels should be designed for a kitchen. Lighting that ensures safe working conditions, enables smoothly running daily life and creates a warm atmosphere is the key to a functional kitchen. These are the areas that lighting has an impact on.

Pleasant kitchen lighting consists of the illumination of varying brightness and quality: high-quality general lighting, efficient and glare-free task lighting and illumination of an appropriate colour temperature for socialising. In addition to general lighting, two or three different lighting levels should be designed for a kitchen. Worktop lighting, luminaires above the dining table and indirect lighting are important elements that contribute to safe working conditions, smoothly running day-to-day life and a pleasant atmosphere.

Downlights or a ceiling luminaire for general lighting

general lighting in a kitchen. In new builds, downlights are typically embedded in structures but a downlight solution can also be implemented in renovated buildings with surface-mounted models. At the design stage, attention must be paid to the luminaires’ installation locations: they must not impose restrictions on the positioning of kitchen fittings. If you install adjustable luminaires in front of cabinets, you can direct light where you need it most.

Low-profile ceiling fixtures make an ideal source of general lighting. They generate even, glare-free light. If you place a general-lighting luminaire in the centre of the kitchen, make sure that it does not cause distracting shadows on the worktops and that you have sufficient levels of task lighting.

With dimmable luminaires, you can easily adjust lighting levels and reduce illumination to create a pleasant atmosphere for mealtimes. Note that LED luminaires must be paired with designated dimmers for them to work properly.

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Add style and atmosphere with indirect illumination

With indirect lighting, light is dispersed into the space by reflecting it off the walls and the ceiling. It is comfortable for the eyes and creates a special atmosphere. Low-profile, easy-to-install LED strips enable you to create indirect lighting in almost any space. With efficient LED strips, you can create an easy lighting solution for your worktops.

The choice of lamp makes a difference

Versatile LED strips allow you to create a kitchen lighting solution that suits your needs. In a kitchen, the lamp has a huge impact because the light’s colour temperature influences how we experience colours. Light has an effect on how appetising we find food. While effective illumination of cooler colour temperature is ideal for cleaning, warmer tones lend themselves to socialising. You need a couple of different luminaires in the space to create an adjustable lighting solution. Dimmable or smart LEDs offer an easy introduction to the numerous wonderful lighting options available!