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In retail premises, the products always take centre stage – they must be clearly visible and their colours must appear attractive. Shop lighting should be glare-free and designed to enhance the appearance of the products and to contribute to a pleasant shopping experience. Read more about our energy-efficient lighting solutions for small and large retail spaces.

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Synsam store lighting in Espoo Finland

Synsam store lighting

Airam delivered spotlights to the Synsam store located in a new Shopping Center, opened in March 2022. The light quality and excellent color rendering of the Target spotlights work well in an optical shop, where it is important to direct the eye in the store, and to make the colors of the products shine and look attractive.

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 Lighting solution for Shopping Centre

Lighting solution for Shopping Centre

The look and the lighting of the interiors of the Kaari Shopping Centre at Kannelmäki in Helsinki have been revamped. There was a desire to open up views of the shopping centre with a reliable recess-mounted lighting solution.

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Supermarket by Airam lighting

Supermarket’s fresh store lighting

Airam supplied the universal lighting for K-Market at Visamäki in Hämeenlinna with new Rami luminaires. 

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Ahlsell Store by Airam lighting Vantaa Finland

Lighting renovation at an Ahlsell store

100 Rami ramp luminaires replaced the previous lighting at Ahlsell’s store in Vantaa, Finland. The choice of luminaires was influenced by lighting power requirements based on Dialux calculations, energy efficiency and ease of installation.

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Airam spotlighting at WHSmith Store

Center spotlights brighten colours

WHSmith, a major British retailer, has opened its first Finnish outlet at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. With shoplighting, completed with Airam’s Center spotlights, the WHSmith outlet really looks its best.

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Citymarket lighting by Airam

Airam lights up Seinäjoki’s Ideapark

Airam delivered 4,000 luminaires for the corridors and shops and other commercial premises in Ideapark in Seinäjoki. In projects of this size, open communication between all parties is essential.

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