Led solutions for a stone house

For the passive stone house, the starting point has been authentic, natural materials and soft shades, that are freshened up with white. Effort was put into designing the illumination well in time in cooperation with an interior designer and an architecht. The requests of the family were listened to and the general lighting was designed to be functional and simply stylish.

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Line lights achieved by led strips

General illumination in the vestibule, kitchen and utility room was achieved with line lights by submerging Airam- led strip into the ceiling structures inside the profiles of the opal domes. Executed like this, the illumination will not take any space away from the height of the room, because it blends in effortlessly with the structures of the house respecting the architecture of the stone house.

The general lighting in the rooms is complemented by led downlights submerged into the ceiling. Slender rico-downlights were selected for the kitchen, vestibule and utility room. Rico is a small, submersible led- luminaire, wich can be directed 25∞. The luminaires are Triac- dimmable and are suitable for damp spaces too. Timeless Sansa-table luminaires are placed in work stations in the bedrooms.

Esthetics and ergonomics for the staircase

Led strip is integrated also into the staircase leading upstairs. Together with the petite Sund- luminaires the outcome is extravagant. Wall luminaires divide the space but do not create disturbing reflections or long shadows. The outlines of the stairs stand out clearly and moving up or down is safe. The Sund- luminaire is IP44- humidity classified, and therefore can be used for an outdoor wall too. In this house the Sund- luminaire is lihgting the upsairs balcony as well.

Spa atmosphere for the bathroom

With good illumination design, the style and atmosphere of a space can be substantially changed. This is implemented beautifully in the lighting choice of the bathroom, where Norma- led strip is used together with a Slimline- profile recessed into the structures. Indirect illumination highlights details and delivers a beautiful soft spa- atmosphere. If needed, added effect to the illumination can be achieved by connecting on the adjustable Siena-downlights of the roof. Dimmable Siena is suitable especially well for high spaces too.

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