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Good lighting at home improves the quality of life and has a positive impact on well-being, enjoyment and alertness. Good lighting at home is created when each room has a sufficient amount of light using luminaires and suitable bulbs and dimmers fit for the room’s individual purpose. It is worth focusing on the quality and careful planning of light, particularly when you are building or renovating. Hiring a professional lighting designer will often pay itself back.

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olohuoneen valaistus

Indoor lighting for a Passive stone house

For the passive stone house, the starting point has been authentic, natural materials and soft shades, that are freshened up with white. Effort was put into designing the illumination well in time in cooperation with an interior designer and an architecht. 

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Led solutions for a stone house

Functional luminaires and light sources were selected as lights to suit the modern interior of a new stone house. Universal lighting for the lounge was done with Slim downlights, but they were connected so that the lighting can be directed in several different groups.

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