LED solutions for a stone house

Energy-saving and durable LED solutions were the starting points when Airam designed lighting solutions for the new stone house of an adult couple. Unaffected functional LED luminaires and light sources were selected as lights to suit the modern interior.

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Adaptable universal lighting

The universal lighting for the lounge was planned to be directed in several different groups. Dimmable Slim downlights were installed in the ceiling as universal lighting for the spacious lounge/kitchen and the hallway. These give plenty of warm white 3000 K light. Slim luminaires were also installed in the ceiling of the large terrace extending from the lounge, and a glazed outer wall enables year-round use of the terrace.

A Como LED light in the mirror recess in the hallway gives a narrow 30° beam of light to a limited area. The Arte wall luminaire in the lounge gives a homely glare-free atmosphere to the room in the evening dusk.

Power for bath- and utility rooms

Delicate directable Rico luminaires were chosen for the wet spaces - the bathroom and utility room. The Fino LED strip lights installed on the upper and lower surfaces of the cabinets give enough even, bright, white light to the worktops and no distracting shadows are created.

Round Flat luminaires are installed as universal lighting in the storeroom, fitness room, walk-in clothes closet and bedroom. The Flat panel luminaire is available in two sizes and in two shapes, round and square. Its flat structure enables it to be installed in a low ceiling where there is little space.

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