Sport facilites

In sports facilities, light should be efficient, even and white. A well-designed lighting solution contributes to a high-quality setting for exercise and competitive sports. For sports halls, we recommend energy-efficient certified luminaires that have passed the ball test for impact resistance. With a control system, illumination levels can be adjusted to suit the activities.

Sport facilities Airam lighting

Airam Sport

Liikuntahalliin tasainen ja tehokas valaistus

Even and powerful lighting for a sports hall

In the two rooms of Vaajakoski Sports Hall, the old fluorescent lighting was removed and Airam Sport luminaires designed specifically for sports facilities were installed. The luminaires are shockproof so will not break when hit by a ball.

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Myllypuron jalkapallohalli

Sports hall illuminated with high-bay luminaires

Airam supplied 80 Highbay luminaires to a sports hall in Myllypuro to illuminate its 64 x 100 m football pitch. The facility’s lighting efficacy and energy efficiency improved significantly.

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