Sports hall illuminated with high-bay luminaires

Airam supplied 80 Highbay luminaires to a sports hall in Myllypuro to illuminate its 64 x 100 m football pitch. The facility’s lighting efficacy and energy efficiency improved significantly.

Pallomylly valaistus Myllypuro Helsinki

Airam supplied an LED lighting solution with a long service life to the Pallomylly sports hall, located in Myllypuro, Helsinki. The centre’s 64 x 100 m football pitch is now illuminated with 80 of Airam’s 240 W 36,000 lm Highbay luminaires that provide even light for the pitch.

The Pallomylly centre houses one of Helsinki’s two full-sized indoor training pitches for footballers. The artificial grass pitch is also suitable for other sports, including Finnish baseball and baseball, rugby, cricket and ultimate frisbee. Pupils from local schools also use the centre for their PE classes all year round.

Old lighting solution used large amounts of energy

Completed in 2009, the sports hall was equipped with lighting technology that had become outdated over the past decade. In addition, its energy consumption was high. Many of the luminaires had become faulty, leaving parts of the pitch poorly illuminated.

The replacement of the lamps was considered an option but by upgrading to modern, energy-efficient LED luminaires, the sports hall achieved a high-quality lighting solution that will last for years to come.


Energy-efficient high-bay range

Airam analysed the centre’s lighting needs and recommended its Highbay range as the solution. Highbay is specifically designed for high spaces. For example, the ambient lighting of high spaces in Helsinki Airport’s new terminal was realised with this range. In addition to sports halls, the Highbay range is ideal for warehouses and lobbies. The luminaire is available in three output options and as On/Off, DALI and wireless control models. The range offers high efficacy, up to 140 lm/W.

The sports hall sees high visitor numbers and remained open during the installation of the luminaires, even though cranes were required for the work. It was decided not to change the lighting control because of the high usage rate of the premises.

Praise from users

The main benefits of the new lighting solution include reduced energy consumption and lower costs. The facility’s lighting efficacy and energy efficiency improved significantly. The centre’s regular users have been extremely happy with the new lighting solution.
We hope the sports hall’s users will enjoy their games and training sessions in good lighting conditions!

Pallomylly valaistus Myllypuro Helsinki

Pallomylly valaistus Myllypuro Helsinki

Pallomylly valaistus Myllypuro Helsinki