SmartHome alarms

SmartHome alarms

Home security and lighting come to mind for many when talking about a smart home. With Airam SmartHome, you bring intelligence to your old home without major renovations. Experimenting is easy; enjoy your home more!

Alarms in the Airam SmartHome range instantly alert you to the Airam SmartHome app on your phone. Damage cannot be prevented by the alarm, but because the information flow is fast, help can be alerted to the scene as soon as possible, thus avoiding wider damage.

Information about the alert immediately and help to the scene quickly!

A fire alarm should be installed as close to the center of the room ceiling as possible, in every space in the home, in the bedroom, in the escape routes and in the stairs. SmartHome fire alarms cannot be chained. The wireless Smart Fire Alarm, integrated with the Airam SmartHome app, gives you information about a fire alarm in your home and the ability to react quickly even when you’re not at home. In a situation where there is smoke in the home, for example due to cooking, the fire alarm can be silenced with the button on the alarm.

The water leak monitor allows for a quick response and prevents large-scale water damage by alerting and reporting a water leak to the Airam SmartHome app. Alert for help in your home, even from the cottage pier! There are two sensors at the bottom of the water leak detector that activate an audible alarm when water is detected. You can connect a water leak detector to the Smart siren and create a rule between the devices where in the event of a water damage, the siren will also start to sound in addition to the water leak detector.

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