Home safety

What makes a home smart? The answer of many is related to lighting and home security, perhaps even combining these elements. Security arises from knowledge and awareness. That uncertainty is not given a foothold.

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Airam SmartHome electrical accessories, alarms, sensors and cameras allow you to easily increase the security of your home. There is no extensive smart home system behind the Airam SmartHome. You do not need extensive renovations or accessories. Get only the products you are interested in and need, download the Airam SmartHome app for free from your app store and get started. Increasing the security of your home couldn't be easier!

If necessary, you can get support from our tutorial videos.

Airam SmartHome doorbell and phone app.

SmartHome doorbells and sensors

Who's behind your door? With the help of the SmartHome doorbell, you make sure of it, even if you are not at home. Or is the door or window perhaps fully open? The SmartHome sensor tells you this. By connecting the sensor to other SmartHome devices in your home, you can create functions such as a siren sound or lights on.

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Airam SmartHome indoor camera and phone app.

SmartHome cameras

What happens when you are away from home? Connect Airam SmartHome cameras to the SmartHome app to see the real-time situation on your phone. Equipment for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Airam SmartHome fire alarm and phone app.

Airam SmartHome alarms

A fire alarm and water leakage alarm will not prevent damage from occurring. However, because you are immediately notified of their alert to Airam SmartHome app, you can prevent more extensive damage. Spend a peaceful and carefree holiday!

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