SmartHome decorative lights

Most of our SmartHome products are related to lighting versatility and ease of living, but you will also find joy and extra bling in your home. Decorative lights bring colour to everyday life - and you can control them with Airam SmartHome just as easily as any other SmartHome product.

SmartHome icicle set on a terrace railing

SmartHome decorative lights bring joy and light to everyday life all year round. There are several different LED series and they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (IP44). The lighting can be controlled and timed using the mobile app even from your couch! Through the app, you can dim the light to the level you want, making it suitable as beautiful night lights, for example, when hung on the edge of a stair railing. When it comes to decorative lights, only your imagination is the limit!

Decorative lights can also be used without the SmartHome app. Then some of the features can be accessed via the control unit in the transformer by pressing a button. However, the setting made via the control unit cannot be fine-tuned without the application, in which case, for example, the dimming of the light will not be possible.

Colours and flashing light or harmony and colour balance?

The advantage of the SmartHome LED series is that you don't have to commit to decisions, but you can easily customize the light the way you want. Some decorative lights shine white light at different colour temperatures, some also have an RGB option, allowing the lights to shine in different shades.

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