Airam SmartHome luminaires

With Airam SmartHome, the light adjusts from efficient or atmospheric as needed. Try it, tune it, time it and fall in love with it! When the lighting is in place, you don’t even have to think about it. Your home atmosphere just feels unexplainedly comfortable.

A man setting SmartHome Tune Tilt luminaire with app.

Airam SmartHome LED luminaires take your home's lighting to a new level where you can have full control of your entire installation. Dim the lighting and adjust the color temperature of the light depending on the mood or time of day. Turn lighting on and off in different rooms using timers, astrour function or predetermined times. Create scenarios in different rooms where you combine different light sources and luminaires based on how you want to create atmosphere. Wake up to a warm light that gradually, in step with the sunlight, changes color during the day, so-called biothythm. With Airam SmartHome, you are given endless possibilities to control, monitor and optimize your lighting and other Airam SmartHome products. The range includes timeless luminaires that are suitable for general lighting in most areas of your home. Enjoy your home more!

Need support with SmartHome? Check out our tutorial videos to get you started.

Plafond in a hallway


Plafonds are low-frame luminaires that provide even and efficient general lighting, e.g. in the vestibules, hallways, and warehouses of the home.

SmartHome plafonds
Downlights in a livingroom


Recessed downlights are a stylish option to implement general lighting in your home. With SmartHome, you can easily create lighting groups from the luminaires and control the luminaires together or separately.

SmartHome downlights
LED Strips

SmartHome LED Strips

SmartHome LED strips bring you a wide range of adjustment options. See your home in all shades!

SmartHome LED Strips